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Armor Ceramics Launches Pre-ICO for Blockchain-Based Self Sufficiency in Ukraine’s Heavy Industry

Aiming to reduce the Ukrainian heavy industry’s reliance on foreign import, Armor Ceramics has announced the development of a blockchain-based solution that cuts production costs through leaner and more efficient delivery of domestic production.

[Note: This is a press release.]

Home to one of the largest reserves of iron ore in the world, Ukraine is also a top 10 metal producer. With its vast supply of raw material necessary for the production of industrial refractory material, Ukraine has the potential for domestic production.

However, 30% of general refractory materials and 60% of refractory ceramics are imported, along with 20% of all molded products, representing a significant gap in local production yet to be filled.

Tackling Industry Inefficiencies 

A subsidiary of Savex Minerals Enterprise (Ukraine), Armor Ceramics is developing a quality control and tracking system that will revolutionize the way the industry deals with refractories, which is a highly sought after product in the national heavy industry sector.

Current estimates reveal that over half a million tons of refractory products are sold within Ukraine every year, with demand for rising steadily. Currently, these needs outstrip local production, with the industry relying heavily on foreign import to satisfy demand. However, this entails higher costs associated with transport and extended delivery times.

Through the implementation of a blockchain-based solution, Armor Ceramics looks to fill a third of all imports by keeping to shorter delivery times and lowering production costs by 15 to 20 percent.

Another issue relates to the lack of access to trustworthy and verifiable sources of data on manufacturers and their products. In worse case scenarios, the use of poor-quality products can lead to unpredictable consequences. Through an elegant use of industry and blockchain innovation, users can track and trace the history of origins of products and manufacturers without having to rely on third-party auditors and inspectors.

Armor Ceramics’s Blockchain Edge

Dubbed “SupChain”, the company’s solution features innovative technology that stores, maintains and accesses refractories data on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. Users of the SupChain system can access production data and technical indicators while allowing them to provide feedback on the quality of supplied materials and make suggestions for improvements.

For the first time in the industry, participants will be involved in an open process that is quick and inexpensive. This direct interaction between suppliers and customers will result in a seamless and reliable quality control process.Over time, all the information accumulated in the system will represent a transparent, current, frequently updated reference list for companies. This replaces an expensive system of third-party audits and inspections that can be vulnerable to bias and exploit.

Armor Ceramics ICO and the ACR Token 

Armor Ceramics is now in the midst of a pre-ICO phase to raise the funds needed to complete new domestic production systems. Participants may purchase ACR tokens, which will represent proportional shares of the company’s profits, which is planned for distribution as monthly dividends, beginning 22 months after the conclusion of the ICO, according to positive cash flow estimations.

From now until 30 November 2017, early contributors will enjoy a 35% bonus on ACR tokens sold at a base price of $1 each. Once the pre-ICO has concluded, its performance will determine the hard cap for the main public ICO. If successful, the enterprise predicts a maximum potential of up to $250,000 in profits monthly. Tokens do not grant voting rights in the management of the company.

About Armor Ceramics

Armor Ceramics is a subsidiary of Savex Minerals Enterprise (Ukraine) – a long-standing supplier to metallurgical and ore-dressing plants. It is led by a team of material production veterans and backed by an advisory team that includes Vladimir Primachenko, Director at the Ukrainian Research Institute of Refractories.

To learn more about Armor Ceramics and its’ ICO, visit the website and read the whitepaper.

Images courtesy of Armor Ceramics

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Algory Project – Powerful and multifunctional crypto trading tool

Algory Project, created by traders from the world’s largest exchanges, the US NYSE and NASDAQ, launches its ICO Whitelist on November 15th. It will provide investors in the cryptocurrency market with a comprehensive trading tool. It will make trading more efficient and your transactions will bring more profits.

Trade the cryptocurrencies that matter

Algory Project is aimed at the users of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, a population estimated to be close to 30 million people trading on more than 100 exchanges. This versatile tool has one goal: to grow traders’ profits and efficiency in the cryptocurrency market.

The tool is developed by professional and experienced traders from the world’s largest stock exchanges, the NYSE and NASDAQ, who have also been actively engaged in the cryptocurrency market for many years. Using their experience, they decided to transfer the proven methods of the stock exchange to this fast-growing market. Algory was created by Tomasz Przybycień and Dominik Gordel, who have been professionally engaged in trading on stock and cryptocurrency exchanges since 2007, and crypto-mining as well.

The software will include 13 functions on one platform. This will enable traders to gain access to the tools described below and use them for trading in the cryptocurrency market.

“Considering the development of and growth in the popularity of cryptocurrency exchanges, it is increasingly difficult to analyze all currency pairs in a short time. I have lacked tools that I use on a daily basis in stock markets, such as streamlining tools that make trading more effective as well as plenty of appropriately aggregated market data and news” – says Tomasz Przybycień when asked about the origin of the product.

Powerful Cryptocurrency Scanning

Algory’s flagship product. The first comprehensive cryptocurrency scanner on the market, which provides traders with instant cryptocurrency scanning based on specific filters and alerts. In the blink of an eye, the trader will find the hottest cryptocurrencies on the market. Based on hundreds of built-in filters and alerts, the user will be able to define events such as price changes, percentage increases and decreases, volume changes, and formulation of technical analysis or fundamental analysis indicators. What you used to do with your hard-earned research and many hours of work will now be done in an application within seconds. The resulting time advantage will allow the trader to enter into a transaction before any critical traffic is generated on a given cryptocurrency.

Profit with faster news & research

Thanks to a wealth of active trading experience, the Algory founders know how crucial fast access to the most important information on the market is. Often, even a few seconds have been instrumental in generating above-average profits or protecting against sudden loss of value. Because we know how time-consuming it is to browse through the entire market, we are creating a tool that aggregates all the information about individual cryptocurrencies and the entire cryptocurrency industry. On the basis of this information, you will be able to filter this data and the built-in auto trading system will then allow you to enter into transactions at the time of appearance of specific news in the information sources of your choosing.

Backtest your strategy and use auto-trading
The Algory database also contains historical data on price and volume changes and many other data on individual cryptocurrencies. In this way, you will be able to test your previous strategy with pre-defined filters and alerts. You will get a detailed report on how successful your trading strategy has been on the basis of the historical data and how likely you are to successfully use it in the future.

Marcin Gordel, a software developer at Algory says: “Our goal is also to develop tools that will enable traders to see how successful a strategy was in the past in order to perform the appropriate simulations and evaluate its effectiveness. The knowledge about the profitability of a given strategy will certainly make trading easier”.

In addition, the platform will allow you to use the auto-trading feature, so you won’t even have to be in front of your computer to be able to trade on the market based on predefined parameters. When a user-specified event is captured by the scanner, the auto-trading feature will kick in and automatically open a position.

Become the most profitable crypto trader you can be

Algory Project plans to develop many other features that will allow you to access the widest amount of data aggregated in one place.
The additional features will include the following: Blockchain Analyzer, Arbitrage scanner, ICO Viewer, Exchange comparison, Social Learning, Trading Room, Cryptoviewer, and Cryptocoin.

A detailed description of the functionality is available in the Whitepaper prepared by Algory Project.

How to buy Algory ICO Token

The signup to the Algory Project Whitelist opens on 15th November. Every person signed up to the Whitelist before the deadline becomes eligible for a guaranteed purchase of tokens before the public Crowdsale starts. Further details can be found on the Algory Project website.

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AppCoins — Revolutionizing the App Economy

Cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology have given rise to the concept of decentralized applications. These decentralized applications, for all practical purposes, serve a range of functions, some of which are already being catered to by conventional internet applications, but with lots of additional benefits.

The decentralized applications, popularly referred to as Dapps, make use of smart contracts coded on cryptocurrency blockchain to automate various processes. At the same time, the immutability and transparency offered by distributed ledger make it easier to store, manage and distribute relevant information across the network. And then there is an entire economy created around the applications which are driven by cryptocurrency (tokens).

While there are some of the well-established blockchain solutions or protocols that make Dapps development easier, there aren’t many that are created keeping app economy in mind. However, AppCoins begs to differ. The cryptocurrency for app stores will be made available to 200 million users from day one and is currently in the midst of its ICO Pre Sale.

AppCoins is in the process of revolutionizing the app economy, by offering unprecedented levels of transparency and efficiency. By introducing a simplified monetization structure, the platform ensures that developers and advertisers are in direct contact over blockchain protocol, eliminating the need for Adtech and payment intermediaries. By doing so, the platform allows app developers to earn more than ever and advertisers to benefit from substantially lower ad costs.

In addition, AppCoins promises a much safer environment for app discovery: since all information is stored on the blockchain, the reputation of app developers will be built through their transactional history across app stores. This eliminates the current opacity around app approval, while automating the process.

The use of cryptocurrency will also bring users all around the world new app purchasing possibilities: apart from being able to earn AppCoins by engaging with sponsored apps, users will also be able to transfer AppCoins to each other. This will create a new incentive system for discovering apps and will enable the world’s 2 billion individuals without online payment methods to make in-app purchases (such as game upgrades) for the first time.

The creators of AppCoins, Aptoide have one of the largest app stores worldwide dedicated to the users of Android-powered devices. With over 12,000 developers and 200 million users signed up, Aptoide app store has witnessed over 4 billion app downloads, and it has entered into partnerships with some of the leading mobile phone manufacturers. Its global presence as an Android marketplace has given the App Store valuable insights with regard to the needs of the current app store model, leading it to develop a solution that could bring unforeseen value to users, developers and manufacturers.

As Aptoide continues to improve the ecosystem, it is presently raising funds through an ongoing ICO, which is now at pre-sale stage. Further encouraging the potential participants, the platform is also offering a 30% discount during the pre-sale, that is set to end in the next 3 days.

More information about the platform and token sale, visit —

For more information talk with the Appcoins team on Telegram

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When the right to be forgotten becomes possible on the Ethereum blockchain

Storing diplomas or data on the blockchain will certainly infringe regulations on personal data’s protection. Lexing Alain Bensoussan’s Legal Opinion analyses compliance of the BCDiploma solution with the GDPR.

The general regulation on personal data (GDPR) will be the new reference text on the protection of personal data, defined as “all information related to a physical person”. It will take effect on May 25th, 2018. As a new standard in terms of privacy protection, we especially find among its contributions the granting of new rights for individuals whose data are undergoing treatment:

–    The right to erasure (i.e. the right to be forgotten).
–    The right to portability;
–    The right of rectification.

The GDPR has a worldwide scope and applies to all companies having or processing data of EU residents. The regulation gives to the regulator the power to inflict financial sanctions up to 4% of a company’s global turnover. As a consequence, one can figure out that the conformity with this new regulation is a major stake for companies, CIOs and lawyers.

Blockchain and the GDPR: An inevitable conflict?

“The GDPR also provides EU citizens with a right to erasure: to be able to require that businesses holding their data irrevocably erase the data upon request (also known as the “right to be forgotten”). (..) This may end up putting the GDPR on a collision course with blockchain technologies in unexpected ways.” Luther Martin

New services based on blockchain technologies are created every day, in various domains: finance, insurance, logistic, healthcare, but also education, with diploma certification. However, due to the unalterable character of the blockchain, a data is impossible to erase once it has been “written” on it. At first glance, blockchain and right to be forgotten don’t seem compatible. Inalterability and decentralization not only imply that the register is made of indelible data, but also imply that this register is shared with all user in the network… In case of application of the right to be forgotten, we might expect to go against the very principle of inalterability, which lies at the core of the blockchain technology. In order to comply with the blockchain principles, it would be necessary to erase the data from each and every node of the network, and its records, which is technically impossible. For stakeholders and users of the blockchain technology, it becomes urgent to find answers to this issue in order to not slow down the adoption of this technology. All the more since the material and territorial application field of the GDPR is extremely broad.


The cryptographic perspective seems to be the most likely to reconcile personal data and storage on a public blockchain, but the challenge is to propose an algorithm sufficiently secure to be accepted by the regulator.

“Assuming personal information is encrypted before it is written to a blockchain, destroying the key renders the data unreadable. But is this enough to comply with the right to be forgotten, if the data is technically still there? Regulators should accept the destruction of a key as an erasure for the purposes of the GDPR, so long as the destruction is done in accordance with best practices and in an auditable way.” Greg McMullen.

To meet this technical and essential requirement, BCDiploma has taken up this question and proposes an open source framework – EvidenZ – capable of storing diplomas and personal data on Ethereum while respecting the GDPR. The data is encrypted and secured using a set of 3 keys:

I.    Graduate Key. This is the property of the graduate, and is integrated into the diploma’s URL.
II.    Persistent Key. It is kept by the educational establishment. When the graduate wishes to exercise his or her right to be forgotten, he only has to destroy this key.
III.    School Permanent Key. This is kept by the educational establishment. Those stored data cannot be exploited for commercial purposes without the graduate’s consent.

“BCDiploma has designed an algorithm allowing total security of the diploma’s AES key. This is not stored and can be generated only by assembling three keys through a derivation process. BCDiploma guarantees establishments and diploma holders that data on Ethereum is encrypted and can be read only with possession of all three keys thanks to algorithm AES_256_GCM. BCDiploma’s 256-bit key guarantees one of the safest encryption processes on the market.”

Legal Opinion, Lexing Alain Bensoussan

Lexing Alain Bensoussan, a specialist in data law and new technologies, has produced a Legal Opinion on the BCDiploma solution. This is one of the first time that compliance of an Ethereum solution with GDPR and the right to be forgotten is considered. BCDiploma paves the way for the storage of personal data on the blockchain and facilitates the legal compatibility between blockchain and GDPR regulation.

Blockchain Certified Data offers a solution for certifying your data on the Ethereum blockchain. BCDiploma makes diplomas tamper-proof.

Any questions? Please join us on Telegram:

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UHUB.IO to Use Ethereum Blockchain for a Revolutionary E-commerce Platform

UHUB, a startup from Vietnam and the originator of HUB ecosystem recently announced their plans to launch an Initial Coin Offering to fund the development of the decentralized ecosystem consisting of HUB exchange, HUB marketplace, and HUB connector.

HUB Exchange

The platform will be based on Ethereum Blockchain, using Smart Contracts to bring a safer, cheaper and less time-consuming buying experience. Users will be able to exchange and store various digital currencies on HUB exchange, which is made as a cryptocurrency exchange as well as the gateway to the ecosystem. HUBcoin (HUB), the primary payment method on the network, will also be distributed through HUB exchange.

HUB Marketplace

The HUB marketplace is designed as a decentralized market where anyone can buy or sell products directly. Naturally, UHUB has implemented safety features to allow the platform to remain genuinely decentralized:

  • Escrow service – when the buyer orders the product, he places funds in the Smart Contract escrow. The seller sends the product, and when the buyer receives it, he then releases the money from the escrow to the buyer.
  • Rating system – buyers and sellers will be able to rate each other after each trade they make, providing feedback and allowing other users to choose the best for future deals.

The platform will also save money for the customers, removing intermediaries such as PayPal from the buying process and reducing the transfer fees from 15% to approximately 1%.

HUB Connector

The HUB connector will serve as a place where one can get the train, bus or plane ticket, tickets for concerts and other events, food coupons, etc. Also, it will be possible to make hotel and restaurant reservations around the world. The places and tickets will be sorted by country and city, allowing each user to find events or places that correspond to his location with ease.

“I am aware that UHUB is a big project. But we just want to pay our debt to the community. That’s why we have gathered a knowledgeable and motivated team to make it happen. We want to provide a safer, cheaper and less time-consuming ecosystem, allowing the users to find everything they need in one place. Our long-term goal is also to create more job openings for freelancers, as the UHUB community starts to grow. We intend to create a system where everyone benefits, and we hope to gather the funds to do it,” said UHUB CEO, Yeu Nguyen.

HUBcoin will be exchanged only for Ether (ETH) during the ICO. The minimum funding goal of the project is set to 18,000 ETH. The presale will take place from November 16th to November 25th, and token sale from November 25th to December 10th.

You can find out more about the project on UHUB website or by reading their whitepaper.

Learn more about the UHUB’s token sale at

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Become an early adopter in the blockchain revolution for just $21 this week - Popular Science

Popular Science

Become an early adopter in the blockchain revolution for just $21 this week
Popular Science
Whereas most apps rely on hosting, blockchain technology is completely decentralized. This means it's almost impossible for anyone to take down the system. Being highly versatile and open source, Ethereum is the most popular platform with developers.

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An International Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference will take place in Slovenia!

Blockchain business in Slovenia: laws, opportunities, and prospects. How beneficial is the country’s environment for investors and startup organizers? Is this ecosystem developed, and what do the laws say? These issues will be revealed by speakers of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Slovenia.   

Among the invited speakers:  

  • Jure Pirc, the President of Blockchain Association Slovenia
  • John Collins, Head of Red Flag USA – Global communications and strategic consultancy
  • Yuri Sidorovich, the Managing Partner and Forensic leader for Deloitte’s Adriatic Region
  • Matjaž Slak, Evaluations Team Lead at
  • Vit Jedlicka, President of Liberland
  • Aleks Bozhinov, Business Coach. Serial Entrepreneur. Ex-Googler

The conference will allow participants to discuss stages of the blockchain and cryptocurrency acceptance in Slovenia, prospects of their integration in various business, financial, and government control areas, as well as the legal regulation.

One of conference novelties is a startup speech: each participant of the innovation exhibition will be able to make a brief presentation of their projects in the conference room. It is an excellent opportunity for startups to be heard and for investors to find prospective projects for investing.

The conference will include a panel discussion about the blockchain regulation in Slovenia. Guests will be able to listen to opinions of government officials, leaders of the Blockchain Association of Slovenia, and consulting company specialists.

Date of the event: December 12.

Venue: Dunajska cesta 18, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Center)

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Blockchain could 'change everything' for real estate - VentureBeat


Blockchain could 'change everything' for real estate
“This changes everything.” That's how Apple introduced the original iPhone in 2007. But it could just as easily apply here and now to the blockchain and its potential to enable transformative innovation in a variety of industries. The most mature ...

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Latium Launches Disruptive LATX Cryptocurrency Token Sale For The Global Labour Market

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, smashing through successive records as easily as a bull in a china store. However, despite these achievements, there remains very little real-world use cases for these currencies. This has impacted market growth and adoption of these currencies, despite the boundless potentials they harbor. But what if there was a cryptocurrency that you can use to direct the internet to your cause? A cryptocurrency which matches task-makers with task-doers anywhere in the world across an easily accessible and decentralized network? A cryptocurrency like LATX.

[Note: This is a press release.]

The current labor markets are divided into pools based on local, regional and national. These pools tend to have their own regulations, seemingly designed to benefit themselves exclusively.

These segmented pools of labor liquidity are often a nightmare to navigate for both employees and employers alike. As an employee, finding work and earning livable wages is dependant on jurisdiction. Employers, on the other hand, are limited to their local labor markets, sometimes making it impossible for them to find the right employee with the required skills.

The Latium platform solves these problems by creating a tasking marketplace where anyone willing to complete a task can be rewarded with LATX tokens based on smart contracts.

By implementing a smart contract-based, global reputation system, Latium aims to disrupt the multi-billion global labor market through the blockchain and make the employer-employee relationship more transparent. Users gain long-term reputations, making them more attractive while discouraging the creation of new user profiles and spam.  Employers can award the task to the tasker of their choice based on transparent and immutable data, knowing if the task is not completed to specifications, they don’t have to pay.

The platform provides the opportunity for users to earn income by completing tasks from anywhere in the world. Latium is the only tasking platform that uses a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm to assign reputation scores to both task-makers and task-doers eliminating market bias, barriers to entry and opacity.

The platform supports both “Digital” and “In-Person” tasks. The Latium team has also designed proprietary task proof systems for both “Digital” and “In-Person” tasks, in order to remove trust from the equation while creating an environment where tasks with multiple contracts can be easily managed. By posting one simple Latium task, users can send as many people to their task assignments as their budget allows, facilitating real-world usage of cryptocurrency.

Latium is powered by the ERC20-compatible LATX token. These tokens will be offered to the public on November 15, 2017, beginning with a limited “white list” sale. Latium aims to raise $20 million during the event. The company will use proceeds from the token sale to develop and maintain its tasking platform, which Latium plans to launch in Q2 2018.

“The Latium platform revolutionizes how people earn money and opens up access to the cryptocurrency market to anyone seeking income, but who doesn’t know where to start in crypto,” said Latium Co-Founder and CEO, David Johnson.

Token sale participants can unlock immediate value in LATX by utilizing the Latium platform to hire workers for their tasks.

Latium is also pleased to announce the addition of renowned cybersecurity expert and visionary, John McAfee in an advisory role. As founder of McAfee Anti-virus and MGT Capital investment, McAfee brings over four decades of information technology and global cybersecurity knowledge and expertise to the Latium project.

“I’ve been in tech my entire career and I believe the Latium platform and LATX token are among the most innovative crypto products I’ve seen so far,” said McAfee.

Latium joins the gig economy with the crypto economy, providing income seekers easy access to the world of cryptocurrencies and new income streams.

Latium is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

Images courtesy of Latium

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Ark Desktop Wallet v1.4.2 Released